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Shaolin Zen Podcasting

What is a healthy exercise that is fun to do for 50 years?  
Answer:  Shaolin Kung Fu.

It's hard to keep fit when you're locked indoors.  In order to be healthy in old age you need to be healthy in whatever age you are now.  

You can lose weight and master your mind learning traditional Shaolin Kung Fu.

You can learn self-defense without being thrown in a boxing ring with gloves on.  Buddha Zhen has been teaching Shaolin Kung Fu and Combat Tai Chi Chuan since 1984 without a single bone break or dislocation in his students.  Buddha Zhen "Jen" is still teaching classes at age 67 from his Shaolin Chi Mantis ONLINE KWOON in Lancaster, California.

Want the real original Zen Buddhism of the Shaolin Temple?  It doesn't include chanting, or praying to any Gods, but it does include psychology and self-awareness which require a Shifu.

Join Buddha Zhen as he teaches:

  • Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu
  • Yang Tai Chi Chuan
  • Qigong
  • Shaolin Yoga

Now you can learn Kung Fu and Tai Chi locked up with a computer.

The Original Zen Buddhism was created by Bodhidharma at the Shaolin Temple.  Bodhidharma created the Original Shaolin Kung Fu.  The Japanese replaced the exercise and weapons with sitting around "seeking nothing."  Zen Buddhism has to include Shaolin Kung Fu or it's just a bunch of pondering.  

"The ultimate self-defense is self-awareness.™"

Jun 28, 2021

Podcast 29
of the
Zen Buddhist Podcast
"Dharma and a Song"
hosted by Buddha Zhen,
Patriarch and Buddhist Scientist,
of the Cybertemple.

Buddha Zhen Shen-Lang,
founder of the CyberTemple
leads Zen Buddhist lessons to be aired and
broadcast over the internet discussing
Chinese Chan Buddhism from the
Shaolin Zen Cyber Temple Sangha.

Buddhism Basics:  "Page 9 - Path 2 of the 5 Paths - continued"

Podcast Host:       Buddha Zhen   "Spirit Wolf of Truth"
Dharma Online:      Buddhism Basics


"Path of Training" (continued)

"Path 2 of the 5 Paths of Buddhism"
     Author: Buddha Zhen Shen-Lang
     Spoken by: Buddha Zhen "Spirit Wolf of Truth"
     Published by Shaolin Communications
     Used by permission of Shaolin Zen
     Under license from

Page 9 of the "BUDDHISM BASICS" explains how your Path in Buddhism is your path of training and should produce much more than just a dance step or skill.

Buddha Zhen reads: "The fact that it requires training to learn whatever you are learning means that it must be of some difficulty. The amount of difficulty will determine the amount of effort that must be built into the TRAINING PROGRAM. The more information there is within the program, the more rewards and development it has to offer."


"In The Pool of Enlightenment"  
     Composer: Shen-Lang Zhen
     Performed by Buddha Zhen
     From the album, Tai Chi Magic 1 by Buddha Zhen
     Produced, Mixed, and Mastered by Richard Del Connor
     Used by permission of
     Under license from   ASCAP
     Download Song:


"Free The Change"  (hard rock inspiration)
     Composer: The Hippy Coyote
     Performed by American Zen
     From the album, LEVEL 1 = Peace Of Mind
     Produced by Richard Del Connor
     Used by permission of
     Under license from   ASCAP
     Download Song:   LEVEL 1 = Peace of Mind
     (The Hippy Coyote is Buddha Zhen.)

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