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As a 66-year old senior, I'm redefining my options on how to improve the world and end all wars.  It starts by changing our "herd mentality" (as President Trump calls it) to "smarter voters."  I've proven in prisons, public schools and rehabilitation centers that healthier people doing Tai Chi Chuan and Shaolin Kung Fu make smarter choices and better decisions.  I've proven I can improve the world.

Jan 13, 2021

Podcast 6
of the Zen Buddhist Podcast
hosted by Buddha Zhen
of the Cybertemple.

Buddha Zhen Shen-Lang,
founder of the CyberTemple
leads weekly Sangha Buddhist Zen lessons to be aired and brodcast each Sunday discussing Chinese Chan Buddhism from the Shaolin Zen CyberTemple.

Buddha Zhen reads from the Shaolin Zen CyberTemple website, the "PODCASTS" webpage. Evidently only 3 of the 8 listed podcasts are currently in production. Buddha Zhen explains how he'd like to communicate more with other martial arts, "artists," so he can share his experience and wisdom with them. Not sensing a very large audience for his Tai Chi podcasts and Kung Fu podcasts, Buddha Zhen is waiting to begin producing these until there is more of a demand for this information.

"This week's theme is enlightenment," begins Buddha Zhen.
"Enlightenment is like the sunrise light, shining in through the window, illuminating the dust in the air."

Podcast Host:       Buddha Zhen   "Spirit Wolf of Truth"
Dharma Online:   Shaolin Zen       CyberTemple


"The Monk In The Doorway"

Buddha Zhen explains his recent discovery while studying one of his Chan Buddhism books. "A monk who enters the home of someone to share Buddhism and gets a free meal is that same kind of sunlight. As he enters the home -- I pictured him with the light behind him, shining into the house. And all the dust in the air are all the false thoughts, delusions, and misconceptions that are a normal part of the people's life..."


     Author:   Buddha Zhen Shen-Lang (private lessons)
     Read by:   Buddha Zhen
     Published by   Shaolin Communications
     Used by permission of   Shaolin Zen
     Under license from


"5th South"   (flute music)
     Composer:   The Hippy Coyote
     Performed by   American Zen
     From the album,   Level 2 = Christ Killer by American Zen
     Produced, Mixed, and Mastered by   Richard Del Connor
     Used by permission of
     Under license from   ASCAP
     Download Song:
     (Flute instrumental song with some cool cowboy background vocals in a few places.)


"From Within"   (folk rock)
     Composer:   The Hippy Coyote
     Performed by   American Zen
     From the album,   LEVEL 3 = I WANT YOU TO LOVE ME
     Produced, Mixed, and Mastered by   Richard Del Connor
     Used by permission of
     Under license from     ASCAP
     Download Song:
     (Psychedelic folk rock sound with Zen lyrics and Led Zeppelin sound.)


"December Snow"   (flute music)
     Composer:   The Hippy Coyote
     Performed by   American Zen
     Produced, Mixed, and Mastered by   Richard Del Connor
     From the album,   LEVEL 2 = CHRIST KILLER by American Zen
     Used by permission of
     Under license from    ASCAP
     Download Song:
     (Sounds like a romantic Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull.)


"In The Pool Of Enlightenment"
     Composer: Buddha Zhen Shen-Lang
     Performed by Buddha Zhen
     From the album, Tai Chi Magic 1 by Buddha Zhen
     Produced, Mixed, and Mastered by Richard Del Connor
     Used by permission of
     Under license from   ASCAP
     (13 minute song of many meditation moods and inspirations featuring Buddha Zhen on flute and pipa. This is the same rough mix featured in last week's podcast.)


 "Podcasts" (Summary of Web Temple.)
     Today's Dharma Webpage 6:   "Podcasts"
     Topic:   Enlightenment may only be a podcast away.™
     Author:   Buddha Zhen
     Published by   Shaolin Communications
     Buddhist CyberTemple:

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